Saturday, 21 March 2009

A Big Kiss from Heaven!!!

Wow! why is it that when we pray to God, we get so amazed when he answers?! My prayer yesterday - answered big time this morning!!! I was sitting at a coffee shop waiting for Emily to finish her music lesson when suddenly, while watching a waitress clearing the tables, I started to cry. David was bewildered and I couldn't even explain what I was feeling. The waitress had a disability but was smiling away and talking to herself while she worked. Behind the counter were 3 other waitresses, talking and laughing with each other. I just felt her separation from the rest of the group and it struck painful memories within me - that feeling of not quite fitting in, of being on the outside of the fun, excluded. It may seem silly but this morning the emotions were so incredibly powerful. How can God ever heal what we don't allow ourselves to feel? It would have been so easily to swallow the pain and get on with my day. Thankfully I took the time with Dad and allowed myself to trust his acceptance, the fact that he will never leave me on the outside, and the amazing truth that he wants me to enjoy his fun.

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