Sunday, 15 March 2009

Out of the mouth of babes

My daughter Emily (10 years old) has taught me more about the nature of God than anyone I know. She has been such an encouragement to me and says the most profound things at times! I remember when she was little she had a dream that Jesus came to her on a horse, scooped her up and looked at her with sparkly eyes! She is going through a real hungering stage in her journey with God at the moment - she takes her Bible with her to school and reads it to her class! She is amazing x


  1. Leeanne on als blog again)wow, some things never change !! Its amazing how kids hear God and and just dont care how 'out of the box' it can be. How and when does that go away from kids, i pray that i will encourage and support matthew and Myla to never let it go!!

    hey are you on facebook, if so let me know and we can get a proper catch up


  2. Leeanne you know what I'm like at technology - I'm shocked I'm able to maintain a blog!!! If I started facebook it would be too much for me!!! We had Matthew here this evening and Emily and him were trying to come up with ideas on how to make money! They want to start a shop in Em's playhouse at the bottom of the garden and charge people 25p just to get in! Future business people or what!!! Emily's name actually means 'industrious'!!! xx

  3. lol no worries, kepp up the blog its good stuff!!