Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Remain in Me

One of the things God is teaching me is how to stay in Christ. “Remain in me,” Jesus says in John 15, the implication being we can choose not to remain in him; we wander off. If God has to implore us to stay in him, then he knows it is quite possible not to. How do we wander off? I think one chief means is speculation and worry.

We let our thoughts run out ahead of us. “What’s this going to be like? How tough will the battle be? How am I going to handle the staff meeting tomorrow?” Stuff like that. Some of it might just be eager anticipation; some of it is apprehension. But whatever the form, speculation is not a good thing. It moves me out of Christ in this very moment. He is not leading my speculations. I am. Or my fear is.

I forget the source of the quote, but I read somewhere that a coward faces his battles twice – once in his apprehensions and fears as he anticipates them, the other when he must face the battle itself. It is a very draining thing spiritually. And so I am learning to face my battles once. I’m not going to think about the difficulties of tomorrow. I am going to stay with God today, and what today is about.

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  1. Hey just a little thought as im finding that hard also with moving house and jobs... We always worry about tomorrow and what's goin to happen instead of staying in God as he as already dealth with our problems. i feel its hard till i experience more, the saying "have ya got the talk now lets walk the walk." But our God is not a what if God. He says it and it happens. us as humans like to take control but God has everythin in control. our head tells us one thing and our heart and spirt say another. Roy always says im not moved by what i feel or see...