Monday, 23 March 2009


This is the year of concerts for Dave & I!!! I'm taking him to see U2 in Dublin for his birthday this year (July) and he surprised me with Snow Patrol for Mothers Day! Snow Patrol was fantastic!!! 'Take Back The City' is such a prophetic song for us as a church (it fitted so well with my sermon yesterday!!!)
If anyone is feeling a little down or stressed my advice is ... get in the company of CAROLINE!!! She is on FIRE!! We prayed together last night and we were blown away with the power of God! I haven't felt like that in a long time - the presence of God was tangible right in my living-room! WOW

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  1. Hey, i know ive never felt the presence of God like that before, more is yet to come, i hope, bigger and better... yipeee...thank you for showin that were God is concerned is good to stand out and say what he says, you have taught me a valuable lession, don't be afraid... love ya...:)