Friday, 20 March 2009

Who do you agree with?

I really love our church!! We have been through some incredible times together especially during the last few years. I've just come home from Sharon & William's house after being so pampered and I'm overwhelmed by God's ability to heal my heart and memories, again & again. My past is full of people disappointing me - my expectations of them way off the scale - that I've quietly made some agreements with the enemy to hold on to my heart and protect it. Sure, I've looked loving and open on the outside but lately God has been showing me that there are still little corners of my heart in darkness, dusty, unused. Why? Because, like everyone else, I don't want to get hurt (my heart has had some terrific wounding over the years) When we agree with the enemy, we enter into some seriously murky waters. Be careful of the agreements you can make in your heart. I've been praying... Lord here is my heart in it's entirety, I trust you with all my wounds knowing your desire is to set me free, I break off all agreements with the enemy and I choose to agree with you - that you are the protector of my heart, I will give my love generously and liberally without fear.

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  1. hey Nic, ive been hurt in the past from people also so i can relate and sometimes i feel that my pride gets in the way, to totally depend on
    God with my heart as you said once it gets hurt, we want to block it out, we tell ourselves that we don't want to get hurt again. Ive started to give some of my heart to God but i want to give it all to him but its hard. God is doin somethin special with you and the people he has put you around, you are such an influence.