Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Wonder of Worship

Sometimes in worship we think too ‘small’. We be should realising that, in reality, we join with millions and millions. So often we think far too small - and miss out on the incredible truth of what’s really occurring. Every single time we gather to worship God, we don’t just join with a choir of tens or hundreds. We accompany the whole host of heaven, the song of all creation and the choir of the redeemed who lift up an anthem to the Almighty throughout the nations. We focus in on the four walls surrounding us, and that becomes our reality. We see and hear a group of people in or out of tune with each other - sometimes passionate, at other times a little apathetic. And that becomes our whole reality. But there is a bigger picture to be seen. However small or large a gathering, however in or out of tune we are musically, we are joining with the eternal flow of praise that rise every moment before the very throne of God. Short of God’s own voice, it is the greatest sound in all history.

Take a moment to put the sound of this worshipping choir into perspective. Imagine every language you’ve ever heard. Every accent and dialect. Every beautiful vocal sound. Add to that every harmony and every crowd, every choir, every large gathering. As these voices blend into one in your imagination, they are just the tiniest ripple of what is to come. One day every tribe and tongue will join this song. Multitudes and multitudes of passionate worshippers. Add now the sounds of all creation – every birdsong you ever woke to, every ocean wave you heard reach shore, every clap of thunder, every wild animal roar - and every time you experienced a wind whistling through the trees. Blend this sound with those cries of the nations, and the orchestration begins to take shape. Yet it is still a mere whisper. Even in our wildest imaginations we still hear merely in part. Now come the melodies and harmonies of the heavens - ten thousand times ten thousand angels in joyful assembly, and those strange living creatures speaking ceaseless praise,

This is the big picture – the true biblical perspective of what worship really looks like - and will look like - before the heavenly throne. we must somehow hear beyond the sounds and harmonies flowing within the four walls of the building we worship in, and attune our hearts to this grand eternal flow of praise.


  1. hi nichola, leeanne here (on alans blog!!)
    really love what yu said there, really puts things in perspective when you look at worship like that. If we lived and breathed in that thinking (or that knowing) im sure we would be very different people!

  2. good 2 hear from u! hope u r well! i agree with u that if we began to truly see and daily declare the awesomeness of God our lives would be very different! x

  3. God i love it when you cant sleep Nic, you have such interesting things.. Praise we get caught up in our own small world sometimes. keep them coming..