Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Antinomianism - yes I know, big word for me! Let me explain, the basic premise of antinomianism is that we love God and do what the heart wants. The misconception is that if we love God we will inevitably do what's right. In other words, it will all work out in the end, just pray a little harder. Can I be blunt? If we are embracing this theological virus, it will infect us with such a poisonous, warped view of Christianity.
Our society is challenging our faith from every angle. We study theology, attend church, develop our leadership/preaching skills, attend the conferences. When that which we thought would never happen, knocks on our door, let us not catch ourselves saying, "I didn't know what to do". We can't afford to just cross our fingers and hope for the best when dealing with people's lives. And I'm not just talking about those in ministry positions - we are all called, as believers, to 'one anothering', therefore we are all in a position of caring for people. Arm yourself with the Truth, take the necessary steps in developing your knowledge base, discuss issues with leaders, seek the heart of God - do whatever it takes to move away from what 'feels' good and right to anchoring yourself in the Word (it stands true forever, it's the plumb-line, it's our guide, a light to our path) and seeking Godly wisdom from experts in whatever area you are dealing with.
Let's represent our Jesus with excellence!

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