Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Are you there God?

The task I gave my class (20 7-8 year olds) was to draw what you think God looks like. Very interesting results!!! I particularly like the one with the earrings!
I also asked the class, if they could ask God one question, what would it be? Here are a selection of the questions they would ask...

*Why can't I be God?
*When I get hurt can you heal it fast?
*Why did Jesus have to die for us? (I didn't want him to have to die)
*Why are bugs small?
*What's it like in heaven?
*Are you smarter than the devil?
*When I die will I go to heaven?
*How did you invent people?
*How old are you?
*When I am bad do you forgive?
*How did you make the world?
*How did Jesus come alive again?
*Can you take all my sins away?
*Do you love me?
*Could I disappear?
*If you don't like fights, why was there fights like David and Goliath?

Good stuff isn't it???
I've been in Alpha on Monday night, and I tell you, the questions asked there are very similar! Alpha is a great platform for discussing these questions and discovering God the person, not God the religion.

My class continually keep me on my toes!!!


  1. brill nic, all these drawings are class as it looks like God is just normal to some of them... kids are so open, maybe we should take a leaf out of their book sometimes...

  2. Just having a look at the pictures again and the blue-faced God is rather scary!!!!