Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bare faced cheek!!!

It started off like any other Saturday morning...however this morning Dave dropped me off at Paul Meekin's for my facial while Emily had her music practice. Now that was the good part - all thanks to the beautiful Alison who pampered me within an inch of my life! Glorious!

Now the bad part...Dave forgot his mobile so I had no way of contacting him when I was finished to come and pick me up. That's ok I thought, sure I'm fit and healthy, I'll walk up the long, long road to meet them at Grosvenor Grammar. What did I forget?? After a facial, you are STRIPPED of your make-up. Stripped of my mask, my face, my cover of imperfections! For those who know me well will understand how this nearly gave me heart failure! I never leave the house without at least foundation, lip-gloss and eye-liner. Alas, I didn't even think to bring any with me (I assumed I would be jumping into the car in a flash and whizzing back home to my sanctuary!)

So there I was, my face TOTALLY NAKED!!!! walking down the road. Now I know how Adam & Eve felt! I kept my head down, didn't make any eye-contact and tried to cover most of my face with my hair! The sun was shining, I was warm and relaxed but felt wick with my bare bake! However, then I started to just ponder on how much importance we place on our appearance and what people think of us. It occurred to me I was in East Belfast where people don't know me or care what I look like...hmmmmm...I started to feel a wee bit safer...I started to actually look at people as they passed by. I smiled at one lady and to my relief she didn't scream and run in the opposite direction, she smiled back! I started to feel even more confident. I looked at people in their cars, they didn't look repulsed to see me either. So (and I still can't believe I did it) I shopped in the chemist and had a conversation with the shop-assistant, I went into a VERY expensive furniture shop and ended up witnessing to the shop-assistant there and telling her all about our woman's conference (she gave me her phone number for more details about the church!) and I bought concert tickets...all with my face naked and bare!!!

This isn't just about make-up...I sense God is doing something deeper here. My cover-up tricks to stop people seeing the 'real' me sometimes do me damage. I'm now daring to let others see the naked, bare heart inside me. I hope they don't run away screaming!!!!

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