Thursday, 23 April 2009

Be like a child!

I recently held a Stone-Age day for my class (just before Easter) and we transformed the room into caves, made weapons, made clay pots, did some weaving, ground corn etc - generally we made history fun! So there I am, engaged in a pretend battle with some of my boys, when the camera clicks! Looking at the photo today I realised I may be perceived as an idiot. I love my class dearly (really!) and I'm just as committed to creating memories with them as I am with my own daughter. I riverdanced for them on St. Patrick's Day, I scared them with a rubber rat on April Fools, I shower them with gifts at Christmas, Easter, end of term, I sing to them, I speak in silly accents to cheer them up, I get down on my hands and knees and play lego, I tell jokes to keep them interested, I move the tables back and turn the room into a dancefloor/stage/gym/chillout zone, I listen to them (perhaps that the best thing I do for them!) - all because I love them! For 10 months of the year they are my children. There's nothing better than walking down the street and have a past pupil (all grown up) run and throw their arms around me because they are so pleased to see me! Yes, this frequently happens!
I love it all because during those times I'm not just their teacher, I'm a child again. I'm getting ready to take about 20 of them to Liverpool at the start of June and I can't wait! This will be the 5th time I've been away with the kids from school and it's a blast! NO sleep, junk food, shopping, games, chatting, dancing, drama, loads of brill stuff!
You know what, when life gets me down I go out on my daughter's trampoline and bounce, I make puppets with my class and act out silly scenarios, I sing loudly, I dance madly, I laugh until the pain eases. Be like a child...let yourself go!!!

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