Friday, 24 April 2009

Give it time

I have been incredibly blessed with fantastic friends - these girls would move heaven and earth for me (and I would do the same for them). I have a wonderful church and family and these girls are like the cherry on the cake of my life! They have been there through ups and downs and always encouraged and supported me - they are like sisters! (and because I'm an only child that is even more precious to me)

Relationships take time to fact all great accomplishments take time. The sculptor who carved Mount Rushmore was once asked if he did a perfect job of sculpting the faces of the four presidents. "No," he replied. "The nose of George Washington is about an inch too long, but it's okay. In a thousand years, erosion will make it just right." Talk about a good perspective on time. He understood that great achievements don't happen overnight. Sometimes, you have to wait a long time to see the results of your hard work.
It's easy to put too much stock in a single event. It's not one meeting, one lecture, or one presentation that makes us into great achievers; it's the process. It's the time we spend day in and day out--working diligently even when we're not seeing any results--that makes the difference.

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  1. brill nic, so true as we sometimes just want things to happen over night and i always want things now... lol.... but they take time and patience and a process which im really only learning...