Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Coffee & Consistency

I'm in school - there's a sub in my classroom so that I can look over a PowerPoint presentation I've got to do for a Board Officer and the Board of Governors. I'm taking a break and having my coffee - but I've no-one to talk to...can I talk to you?

God has been doing incredible things in my life right now. I think I'm finally embracing His plan for my life - in as much of it's entirety as I understand at the moment. When I became a Christian at 16, I knew that I wanted to be all that I could be, to sell out for His Kingdom, to live full and overflowing. It's been quite a journey thus far! Some real low points as well as amazing highs - but through all that, my consistent God has been instilling a consistency within me.

I used to be an emotional roller coaster - not so much now - big change there!
When I hear the word consistent I think stable, reliable, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, solid, steady, constant, steadfast. We don’t tend to celebrate consistency because we think it’s boring. It's not something we get excited about. We’ve under played the great gift of consistency – it’s not glamorous, it’s often over looked but it’s essential to building our lives and the house of God. Consistency is one of the key ways we breed productivity. If you want to get things done don't look for gift, look for consistency. Those are the people who will be on time, serve faithfully, they won’t miss a meeting.

If you are to become a consistent person it’s going to take hard work – and we don’t really like those two words – hard and work. But you can’t build on inconsistency – it’s like building on sand instead of on a rock. Sand is inconsistent, the rock is solid. Which is your life? Some of us are sand-like in our emotions, attitudes, in and then out, hot and then cold, and we ask God to build us – but the more weight you put on sand, the more you sink. God wants a well-built church – consistent, rock-like people who are in for the long haul – people who say, "I’m here whether it’s good, bad or ugly, I love God whether I feel like it or don’t feel like it".

So lovely people I'm off now to do some more work as my break time is over. My presentation is at 1pm and then I'm going to have some fun with my class. See ya later X

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  1. brillant misses, consist is the key, sometimes, loads of times i let me feels, emotions take over and feel, what's the point battling with them, it is so hard to try and overlook our feelings but its a journey we must take...