Friday, 8 May 2009

Dance to a different beat!

Ok - here's the deal - I'm not naturally musical (I know, I know that's hard to believe!) and don't got much rhythm (can't clap and sing at the same time) So when my class had the opportunity to play African drums, I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. Oh my!!! The concentration it took to keep with the beat!!! I was exhausted!

The drums are a powerful instrument and I'm reminded of a word I'd given a while ago to the drummer in our worship team:

"For thousands of years people have used drums to announce the coming of man. Therefore I believe it’s so vital to use the drum to announce the presence of the living God.
God is going to open your eyes to see and know more fully the power and purpose in striking the drum. The ancient scriptures give authority for the drummer to strike the drum in celebration (1 Chron 13:8), in praise (Ps 150:4), in worship (Ps 68:25), for prophecy (1 Sam 10:5, 6), for healing (Ps 81:2-7), and in declaration of the Lord’s sovereignty (Isaiah 30:32).
Begin to acknowledge drumming as a powerful tool for effecting change. I believe God is restoring the drum to the church and is calling drummers, both individually and corporately, to drum out a new beat - a beat that carries the heart and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God will give you revelation that drumming is a powerful voice for prayer and praise; it can unify the divided, encourage the disheartened, and stir up much needed courage within the church in our times.
I absolutely love the passage of scripture in Genesis that tells us that at the point of creation, the Spirit was hovering over the water. The word hovering is also translated as vibrating. It is so exciting to see how rhythm is part of God's creative technique. Creation has a rhythmic aspect to it. Another amazing insight is that, the rhythm of this world and the rhythms of life often seem to be pulling us away from the things of God and the drum is a great catalyst used in a prayerful way of drawing people nearer to the rhythm or the heartbeat of God.
I want to declare over you that the rhythm and beat of your drum has an even greater purpose than a musical one. See it, believe it and create with it."

So even if you're not a drummer, receive this word into your heart and beat the drum of your life - bring change, encouragement, inspiration, creativity wherever you go!


  1. Why oh why do I look pregnant in this photo???? Must have been the chocolate at break time!!!!

  2. hey Nic, the concentration on ur face is brill... but the drums is the one thing that not only makes ur body move but it makes ur heart heart beat sometimes to the rhythm of the music but sometimes to the rhythm of Jeseus's call...