Friday, 1 May 2009

Decisions, decisions!

Everyday we are confronted with options and we must make decisions.

Being bitter verses being better.
Indifference verses decisiveness.
Lukewarmness verses enthusiasm.
'If we can' verses 'How we can'.
'Give up' verses 'Get up'.
Security verses risk.
Coping with evil verses overcoming evil.
Blending in verses standing out.
How much we do verses how much we get done.
Coexisting with darkness verses opposing darkness.
Destruction verses development.
Resisting verses receiving.
Complaining verses obtaining.
Trying verses committing.
Peace verses strife.
Choice verse chance.
Determination verses discouragement.
Growing verses dying.
Demanding more of ourselves verses excusing ourselves.
Doing for others verses doing for self.
Steering verses drifting.
Accountability verses irresponsibility.
Solutions verses problems.
More of God verses more of everything else.

Now I just want to expand on the 'blending in verses standing out' idea. One of the greatest compliments that anybody can give you is to say that you are different. As Christians we live in this world, but we are aliens. We should talk differently, act differently, and perform differently. We are called to stand out.
One way to stand head and shoulders above the crowd is to choose to do ordinary things in an extraordinary and supernatural way with great enthusiasm. God has always done some of His very best work through remnants, when the circumstances seem to be stacked against them. God is always on the side of the 'underdog' throughout the Bible.

Never take direction from a crowd for your life. Never choose to quit just because somebody else disagrees with you.
Stand out.

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