Monday, 11 May 2009


I was in A&E yesterday evening with my lovely daughter, getting her thumb x-rayed. Now you know how long you have to wait in casualty and I couldn't sit still. So my eyes are wondering round the place, watching people, smiling at kids (yes, I'm a good teacher!) and reading all the posters on the wall. Those who know me, understand how I love to read anything (from the back of cereal boxes to Systematic Theology). Well there's all sorts of info in the waiting room...all kinds of examinations you can carry out on yourself, so that you can avoid a visit to the hospital. Well all this got me thinking...

"Examine yourself!" the great Apostle Paul declared to the Corinthian church. Why is this a command that He has to give not just once (1 Corinthians 11:28) but twice (2 Corinthians 13:5) in the span of two books of the Bible? Because this simple and necessary act is often the least observed. The tendency of the human heart is to seek the solution for another's need, assist in the molding of another's soul and judge the intentions of another's heart. This way there's not time left for our own much needed care. Rarely, if ever, do we willingly get down to the pain-staking business of taking a good look at ourselves with the intention of seeking the real truth of who we are. We stray from it because it can often be uncomfortable and will most assuredly lead to a discovery that we would rather leave hidden. Instead, we get involved in the lives of others. We spend our days seeking an answer for their aches and analyzing their wounds. We have become masters at keeping people's attention off of us and the injuries in need of immediate attention. We have built a facade that hides our own deep pain.

Making a decision to administer a "self-checkup" is an act of courage. It means that we submit our deep inner lives to the searing laser beam gaze of the Holy Spirit. Using the surgical instrument of the Scriptures, He penetrates past our facades and pierces into the depths of who we really are. His gaze brings to light the deep internal wounds and messes that need immediate divine care. He offers healing yet we must choose to come to the Word, allow the Spirit to expose us and submit to His prescription for healing.

He offers a check up to anyone who will allow Him the opportunity. He will come to not only disclose the problem but offer a solution of salvation to save you from that which might be slowing depleting you of life.

And to cut a long story short, I guess that's where I am in my journey - allowing the expert surgeon to x-ray, test, prescribe and heal me of anything that is bringing me pain (sometimes self-inflicted!) It's a relief to know I don't have to 'sort myself out'. I've put my life in the charge and care of the One who knows me best.


  1. So amazingly true Nic, dnt we all worry and fear the hospital, then fear the results of that dreaded test or x-ray. But why should we worry when Gods in control of it, arent we always gonna be prescribed the right prescription, never to much and never too little, it will always be just right for our needs. I have came a long way in the 2 years i have been saved, but i no im on a journey of discovery and im pushing boundaries and breaking down strongholds in my life that i thought i would have to live with or learn to live with all my life, but thanks to God he turned my situation into a testimony that Gods love and commitment to his children overcomes any fears or mixed up emotions we may have. I grew up with alot of labels stuck on me by people in my life or passing through my life and i felt at one stage in my life them labels couldnt be removed no matter what i did, so i pretended they werent part of me and i learnt to live just slightly above them but since being saved God has bought the labels up to my eye level and has gently peeled them of me, telling me in his loving way that they never belonged to me so why should i carry them around. God is taking my labels and revealing the real ME he created me to be and he's dumping my rubbish in the sea of forgiveness!!!! Amen xoxo

  2. That was so inspiring to read Sherene! You are an amazing woman and I'm so glad to have you in my life!!! Thanks chick X