Tuesday, 19 May 2009

God has your photo in His wallet

"Investigate my life God, find out everything about me; get a clear picture of what Im about then guide me on the road to eternal life." Ps139

Woke up this morning after a brilliant night's sleep!! Best ever! Something caught my eye outside my bedroom window - there in our garden was the most adorable sight. The two kittens from next door (Gavin's house - who is attending Alpha at the moment. Yeh! Go Gavin!) were playing hide and seek, pouncing on each other, chasing each other round the grass and into our bushes. Now I'm not a great cat lover - more of a dog person - but I couldn't help but take enormous pleasure watching these kittens enjoy the very thing they were created to do.

God created us for His pleasure - imagine the joy He feels watching us do the very thing He created us for. When we discover our life purpose and start to live it, the Father's heart swells with pleasure. The Lord doesn’t demand perfection; He requires dependence, trust and covenant connection. Don't approach God with ritual;meet with Him in relationship: Worship is the art of “hanging out” with God.

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  1. brillant nic, God wants a relationship with us and its the most intimate one, i sometimes try to please him but just being me pleases him and that amazes me of how he just loves us for us...