Saturday, 2 May 2009


I was at the Stand Out concert last night at the Waterfront - what a night! So challenging and inspiring on so many levels. I've been so passionate to see child trafficking stopped for a few years now, but apart from donating to various overseas charities (which is a great thing) I didn't know what else to do - until now. Stand Out is facilitating individuals and churches in their quest for justice. It's a fabulous local charity reaching out internationally. The cause is worth putting your life into.

The concert itself was incredible. The presence of God so tangible and electric. Bluetree, Ryan and Robin didn't just perform well - they worshiped with an anointing that broke barriers of unbelief, apathy, scepticism, criticism, indifference. David (my hubby) shouted out 'Jesus' (repeatedly) at a still, quiet point in worship, Aaron sang it then led into 'When I Survey' (well, from earlier posts, you know I love this hymn) and at that point (with goosebumps, pounding heart, tears streaming down both mine and Dave's faces) I was so secure in the fact that child sex slavery is NOT TOO BIG FOR OUR GOD!!! We CAN make a difference in the lives of these children.

I loved what the guy from Viva (sorry only remember that his 2nd name is McDonald) instructed us to do...fill in your commitment form NOW because when you get home, life distracts you. We so often put things (what we KNOW we should do) off until another time. Well guys, the best time of the day is NOW!
We must be known as those who accomplish great things for God - not those who simply talk about it. Procrastinators are really good at talking verses doing.
It's so true what Mark Twain said: "Noise produces nothing. Often a hen who merely laid an egg cackles as though she has laid an asteroid."
The apostles were never known much for their policies or procedures, their theories or excuses. Instead they were known for their acts.
We often say we are waiting on God but the truth is, He is waiting on us.

My husband and I filled in the form, partnered in prayer, committed financial aid once a month, and are now looking for ways to get the church and community involved.
I urge you to do the same - now.

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  1. hey Nic, the presence of God at the bluetree charity was amazing, i could feel that nothing, nothing is too big for our God but he needs our help... i could feel the love oozing out of the walls, i loved the worship... Sometimes we think aww its happening out there but we do not do anything about it, this is our chance... i hope we can get our church involved... i always hear the saying greater is he that is in us that is in the world... so were the people he needs...