Sunday, 28 June 2009

Coda BFF

Well we finally did it! After many months of deliberation, research and persistent whines from our dear daughter (and myself!) we finally own a dog! She is 9 months old, a Japanese Akita Inu, a show dog with all the papers and although she is worth up to £1000 or more, we were blessed with just having to cover the cost of her injections. Her name is Coda and she is snuggled up beside me having a wee snooze - she's snoring away!

Japanese history, both verbal and written, describe the ancestors of the Akita Inu, the Matagi dog, as one of the oldest of the native dogs. Originally, Akita Inus were bred to serve as guard dogs, but they have also been used for a number of other working purposes. They have excellent hunting abilities. Did you know that Helen Keller first brought the Akita to the United States? The Akita possesses an easy going, laid back temperament that makes them a great family house pet. They are also commonly known to be quiet dogs that bark only when something necessitates them to bark. Many people commonly report that the Akita makes people feel relaxed and calm and is the ideal pet to own if you suffer from stress.
In addition to being easy going, quiet, life enhancing pets, the Akita breed is also known for being easy to house break and very clean dogs. The Akita is known for being so clean that many people have described the breed as "cat like" for their odorless and cleanly appearance.
The Akita breed is also a very patient, loyal and devoted breed that protects children. They are gentle with children so much so, that it is known that mothers in Japan have left their children alone in the care of an Akita.

Sorry if this has bored you all but I love my dog and Emily is thrilled to have her. Even David is besotted with her!

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