Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fab Feedback

I just want to share with you an email I got from a dear friend of mine...

"Really enjoyed your nicnac today, I think I know how to get on to it now. Living from your heart is exactly what God is teaching me among other things, I know it wont be easy but hey, I have the best teacher anyone could have.

You're right, Freedom is such a key word, I'm only now discovering what bondage is and how it has affected my life, funny how we consider ourselves free when we are anything but.

I was reading the book you gave me last night, both authors had asked God to show them how He loved them, John was on the beach and a massive whale came up very close to him, he knew that was God showing him His love, there was no one else on the beach it was all for him.
When he told his wife Stasi she too asked God the same question when see was out one night for a walk, she waited for over half an hour and there was nothing, on her way home she came across a beautiful star fish. She knew God had answered her question, just around the corner there were hundreds of them.

The author then encouraged the person reading the book to do the same, so I did, some thing I have never done before I asked God to show me how much He loved me, I prayed and went to bed.
When I awoke this morning I completely forgot about it, that was until I was in my room in work and felt God was kissing me.

I dismissed this at the start because I thought God wouldn't give us kisses - it didn't seem right, but I was punch drunk with kisses from God so many of them that I could neither push or wipe them away, nor did I want to.
It was amazing I've never experienced God in that way or His love, words can't explain how I felt, not only did He answer my question but in a way I thought wasn't possible if only because I wouldn't allow Him. He is a God of affection and so much more."

I so love that - being punch-drunk on God's love while being showered with kisses.

While spending the evening with a group of amazing women - and I'm so blessed to have a church full of incredible women of God! - and listening to their journey, their story - I was captivated by the beauty God has adorned on women. I'm not referring to the outward appearance (although they are all gorgeous) but to their hearts. That heart reflects on their face - they were truly radiant - beginning to believe God's truths about who they are.

A special thank-you to my mentor over the years - Jacqueline - looking back I realise how much of a rock she has been for me. She is always there to encourage me, challenge me, prod me into action - she believes in me. Thank you Jak - Love you X

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