Saturday, 6 June 2009

There's no place like home

Well I'm back from 3 days of no sleep, constant talking, eating junk, rollercoasters, head counting, loud singing, rubbish joke telling, weird dance moves, water fights, late night parties, cramped bus journeys, cappuccinos and chocolate, accidentally falling and squashing a child (don't ask!), belly laughs, belly laughs and loads more belly laughs!

Don't get me wrong - these trips are exhausting - but I love seeing the other side to the children I spend most days with. They're funny, intelligent and highly entertaining! They really relax and you get to see their true personality shine through. Lots of photos to be posted on the school blog!!!

I am grateful to be back with my own family - who I seemed to miss more than ever this time. I arrived home last night to an empty house - Emily slept in my mum's house as it was after 11pm when I got back and David was rocking with David Crowder at Fuel. So I relished the quiet (for about 5 mins!) and then I craved my family's hugs and news. I was like an addict looking for my fix! It did help that David had left about 100 notes around the house for me - some hilariously funny and some so romantic they made me cry!

I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with family goodies and treats - love it!

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