Friday, 10 July 2009

Camp it up!

Two more sleeps until I go camping! Yeah!!! So excited!!! Can't wait!!!! Love it!!!!....yeah right!!! I'm being FORCED to leave my cosy bed, memory form pillow, all my luxuries, ghds, to sleep on a rock with creepy crawlies, cook on a tiny camp stove, pee behind a bush, have mud up to my neck and listen to the delightful noises of nocturnal woodland creatures when I try to sleep (Blairwitch!!!!) What am I doing????

I'm dying to my own preferences for the sake of my family. David and Em have pestered me for years to go camping - I love them and want to see them having a good time, so I'm going. It's not my favourite thing to do, but they are my favourite people so I will gladly give up my idea of a good holiday to embrace theirs.

I feel a bit like a method actor - I can use this experience to help with my series on The Giants!!! (always a silver lining!)

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