Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Create in me a clean heart

Just a quick blog today as I'm sooo busy - organising my sermon for Sunday morning, cleaning, washing, ironing, packing for child and dog to go to their nanny's for a few days, packing for me and hubby to go to Dublin to see U2, food shopping, picking up poos from the garden (the joys of being a dog lover) AND trying to work in some romantic time for my lovely hubby.
I've been a bit snappy with him lately (sorry that's a huge understatement! I've been impatient, frustrated, naggy) and had to take some time with God this morning to do some inward examining and repenting. Once again God has to remind me that MY way is NOT the ONLY way!!! Sometimes when David and I talk, it gets lost in translation - marriage takes alot of work, but it's so worth it.

So I've been having alot of inner cleansing this morning - it's hard to face up to the ugliness of selfishness - but I want to grow and change, so as much as it's painful, I embrace the light that God is illuminating on those areas of my heart.

Ps 51 is a very passionate Psalm… one where David acknowledges his sin, AND takes full responsibility for his actions. His heart cries out to the tender mercy and loving-kindness of God, as David offers a broken spirit as a sacrifice for his sin. A God honouring life is one of dependence, not one of independence… DEPENDENCE on God is how we were designed to function. Confess any known sin to God daily (1John 1:7-9). The sacrifice you can read here that is desired by God, is that of a clean heart – one that is broken by sin, humbled by His presence, and willing to obey his will.
Whether or not you decide to repent, you simply CANNOT hide sin from God… or simply dismiss it in your life as insignificant. Sin left in the dark will eventually bring rot to your life one way of another… to your bones, to your heart, or to those you love.

Learn from David, how to deal with your own failure, how to go to God… how to deal with those things that the Holy Spirit brings to your attention… (and He will!!!), how to confess, how not to blame others… and how then to walk in the power of forgiveness…free from guilt and shame.

So I'm off Blogger friends, to get stuck in to my 'to do' list. Have a wonderful day X

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