Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Today has not been one of my best...for those of you logged on to Facebook, you will already know my embarrassing moment when I was in Tesco after having my mouth numbed at the dentist. I bumped into an old friend and not only did I feel wick at having to speak with a tongue so swollen and fat that it kept flopping out of my mouth, but when I got back to my car, I realised I had drooled down my chin (because I had absolutely no feeling in my chin and right cheek, I didn't notice the river running from my mouth!!!) CRINGE!!!!

These kind of moments seem to pepper my life...I'm a fall artist and have fallen down in the most inappropriate places (middle of a bus, at a funeral, off the platform while preaching at church, in front of my class many, many times - in fact they don't even ask me if I'm ok anymore, it's such a common occurrence!), I'm the one with spinach in my teeth when speaking to someone I want to impress, I have clothing tucked into places it shouldn't be after visiting the bathroom before speaking at a conference...oh my the list could go on and on! (my face is red just remembering!)

Anyway, one good thing today was that when I went into Tesco, the shelves were filled with my very favourite things ever!!!!! Back to school supplies!!!!! I love them all!!!! Not so keen on actually getting back to school but I adore all the products that promote it! Funky notebooks, fruity smelling erasers, multi-coloured paper-clips, fluffy pencil cases, cool lunchboxes....oh I love it! I end up buying loads of stuff for Emily (aka ME!)

I intend to enjoy the last leg of my holidays (especially as David gets off work for 2 weeks on Friday! Yey!) but I might have to nip into a few shops to purchase a stapler or a novelty sharpener....

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  1. I was feeling a little down today. That was until I read this post. Laughing at the misfortunes of other people is a cruel thing to do, but in this case I just couldn't help myself. You drooling all over your face and your tongue flipping and flopping all over the place! Too funny! lol.

    Atleast you have got your tooth sorted out now so hopefully it won't give you any more bother.