Sunday, 26 July 2009

I don't beeeelieve it!!! (said in my best Victor Meldrew voice!) My tooth - you know the one that I broke and had terrible trouble with - has now crumbled even further! The temporary filling has given way and the pain is back with a vengeance! So instead of being at my lovely church, I slept the sleep of the dead due to the painkillers I had to take. Thankfully John the dentist is on hand and can fix me sometime soon.

I HATE missing church! Can't wait until David fills me in on all that happened. C.S. Lewis wrote, "Christ works on us in all sorts of ways, but above all, He works on us through each other." We need each other in the body of Christ for our walk. It's in the context of the church that our lives are supposed to be getting prepared for heaven, prepared for eternity. So as I think about the church, I'm thinking about the fact that we cannot function alone without the body of Christ. You are not complete without the other members. You need the spiritual gifts that God has given to others that you don't have. You need the Spiritual nourishment and encouragement and accountability and counsel and insight and practical help and comfort in your life that the rest of the members of the body can supply.

Dwight L. Moody was visiting with a prominent Chicago citizen one cold winter night when the subject of church membership and involvement came up. This man said to Moody, "I think I can be just as good of a Christian outside the church as I can be inside it." The story is told that without saying anything, Moody walked over to the fireplace, and he removed one burning piece of wood and just placed it on the hearth all by itself. Then the two men sat together and watched as the fire went out on that piece of wood; the embers died out.
The fact is you cannot survive. You cannot keep a hot heart and a fervent passion all by yourself.

I need you and you need me X


  1. Great and very thought provoking post. John the dentist is handy to know. He has patched me up more than once (a bit more than once) over these past few years. Though, personally I think he would prefer it if I just got them all yanked out so that he wouldn't feel like he is being stalked by me. lol.

    Totally agree with you on the subject of church and that the body should be together. That is one of the parts that I personally find very difficult to deal with at times. The fact that I can't go out or go to church. It becomes hard sometimes when you are going through a bad patch or when you start to focus on your circumstances, amoung other things, and your faith begins to waver. So in cases like that it would be good to have others with the same beliefs around you. People to help lift you up.

    Ok, I am going on a bit here, so I will just leave it at that. Anyway, I hope that you get the tooth sorted out soon. I know how bad it can be to have toothace.

  2. Thanks for your comments! I think for circumstances like yours, it's great that we can 'do church' electronically. Encouragement comes in all shapes and sizes and I thank God that He's not limited or restricted to a building. Be blessed! X