Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Less is more

What has happened to me? I'm a city girl and I make no apologies for that. I love my squidgy pillows, my ghds, my laptop, getting dressed up, hot bubble baths...and yet I'm just back from camping, having left all of that behind, and I LOVED it!!! My hubby and daughter want to nominate me for the 'most changed person in the shortest period of time ever' award! They too are stunned at my hippy attitude.

Once I accepted that I was going, I embraced camping with an enthusiasm that would have put Bear Grylls to shame! (who I adore btw!) We had heavy rain for some of the time - and even that didn't dampen my spirits. It's so relaxing being all warm and cosy in your tent with a cappuccino, listening to the sound of the rain.

Here's something I discovered - Nature is not primarily functional. It is primarily beautiful. Beauty is the essence of God. The whole world is full of his glory (Is 6:3), in the form of beauty. This means that beauty is essential to life. It is essential to the Christian life. Your life must have beauty in it, lots of it.
Drink it in this summer – soak in it, let it heal you, comfort you, draw you to God.

As I sat outside in the evenings and just listened and took it all in, my heart began to quiet and peace settled in my soul. May summer nourish you, free your heart a bit, bring you hope.

P.S. A few other observations...
*Baby wipes cleanse a multitude of sins.
*Even though the minibeasts look like they're on steroids, they won't bother you unless you're running around, screaming like a headless chicken.
*A dog passing wind in a small tent is not pleasant.
*When going into a maze, leave a trail of pebbles.
*Don't forget a pump for your air mattress.

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  1. Really enjoy your nic-nac, reading it you just know it's from a woman totally sold out to God. Your observations are so true, especially no. 3 a dog passing wind anywhere is unpleasant, something you and I now have in common!!