Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Moment by Moment

The trouble with having just one child is that you get roped into doing a lots of 'kids stuff' that you don't really want to do...WHY?...because you're sick of hearing, "I'M BORED!!!" and there's no siblings to share the load! So I thought I was being really clever sending my lovely daughter to a summer scheme and buying her a dog - "HA!" I thought, "I'll have some 'me' time while Emily is busy with her own activities".

Yeah right! I honestly don't understand how my plan failed. We are 1 week into our holidays and already I have been in wrestling matches in the garden (with daughter and dog), drawing cartoons, watching Disney channel and singing all the theme songs!, learning the Hannah Montana dance, giving head massages, hosing child and dog to cool them down, making rings, painting, putting cotton wool on the grass to pretend it has been snowing... 'ME TIME?' no chance!!!!! BUT it has been fun.

I'm usually such a control freak - "task orientated" my lovely husband calls me - so it's been really good to throw off the 'teacher' role and be a kid again. It's been nice to not have a 'structure' to my enjoy the moment, meet up with friends, organise and plan at a leisurely pace rather than my usual break neck speed, spend time with Emily and David (& Coda), read, write, drink tea, potter about...Hmmmm could this actually be 'me time'?

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