Friday, 3 July 2009

Slay your giants

I'm preparing for my preaching series on 'The Giants' which begins Sunday 12th July. I've preached on this topic a few years back (it's one of my favourites) but this time it will have a fresh, prophetic perspective. I'm really looking forward to it - it's an 8 week series so it will take us through to the beginning of September.

Some thoughts to get us started...

Your giant may not carry a sword, but he comes into our world in the clothes of depression, unemployment, abuse, insecurity, or financial problems. We hear the roar of our giants at sunrise and at the end of the day. Giants can overtake your day, diminish your hope, destroy your soul and take away your joy.

When David set out to slay his giant he gathered 5 smooth stones. Allow me to give you 5 things to serve as your 5 stones as you go against the giants in your life:

1. Identify your Giants
Let's not fall into the trap of blaming or taking out our frustration on something other than the giant. This will only create other problems in our life. An example of this is when people have a problem at work and rather than taking steps to deal with the giant; they take it out on their partner and find themselves with a marriage problem - there are numerous examples of this. Identify and face your giant and take positive steps towards overcoming it.

2. Get God’s Perspective
To the soldiers on the battlefield, the giant looked so big. Instead of focusing on the size of the giant, David focused on God’s faithfulness, goodness and power. Like David, let's see ourselves and the giant from God’s perspective. God sees us as overcomers and put us on earth to have dominion. Don’t focus on the threats of your giants - focus on the strength and character of God.

3. Consider the rewards.
Your giant will stand between you and a better life, so focus your energy on the rewards you will receive once it is defeated. People either concentrate on the price or the prize when facing a giant. Those who think about the price become discouraged, but those who think about the prize are encouraged.

4. Take decisive action.
David spoke to Goliath, slayed him with a stone, and cut his head off. It is amazing how many of us get stuck in analyzing, planning and organizing when what we really need to do is take action.

5. Celebrate your victories.
This does not mean throw a party on the heels of a great triumph, but rather maintain an ongoing, continued ownership of the victory. Don’t forget the giants you've overcome. David used every victory in his life as a source of inspiration for his next victory.

I'll put my notes on my blog as I preach them - if you want to get prepared before that, read Joshua 3 - this will be our main scripture throughout the series.

Get ready for a fight!


  1. Awesome post. Inspirational and encouraging.

  2. Wow, awesome material. Thanks for that!

  3. Loved that, excellent!.... gonna be a great series Nichola :)