Tuesday, 18 August 2009

At your service!

Good morning or is it goodnight? - I'm not quite sure as I haven't yet been to sleep. As a new school year approaches and a new church season, I find my brain unwilling to switch off at the appropriate times. So what better way is there to spend some brain energy than to write a blog post!

Last night I had a beautiful meeting with one of our worship leaders and senior pastor, while hubby and friends cleaned our church in preparation for weekend events. So afterwards I rewarded my man and child (who had been living it up at the Kids Club) with a hot chocolate at our local bistro (I'm good like that!)

The service we receive at this bistro is always excellent but last night the waitress (one we hadn't met before) was noticeably fantastic. She was so friendly, attentive, warm and made us feel so important. Honestly, it really impacted me! Even Emily said, "Mummy that lady is so beautiful - inside and out!"
So as I drove home (feeling so cared for by a total stranger) it made me think of the impressions I leave with people...praying they feel cared for, loved, cherished...determined to impact the lives of others with a servant heart.

"My servant Caleb thinks differently and follows me completely" (Num 14:24)
Servanthood requires a mental shift. It's about focusing your time and attention on the needs of others. It challenges our selfish nature.
Bill Hybels said, "The toughest part about building a church that is welcoming to seekers, is getting the members to be the workers and funders for a ministry designed with somebody else in mind"

I'm passionate about loving people with demonstration, action, commitment. It's a life-long learning. Real love forgets self. It doesn't count the cost.

So I'm challenged once again this morning to leave the fingerprints of God all over the lives of others...not to appear 'nice' but be truly effective with my love walk.

That's all for now as I feel my eyelids getting heavy so I'm going to sneak back to bed for a snooze...night, night ya all!!!


  1. Thanks again for the natter through email. It was a big help. Also, that link you gave me has some interesting ideas on it.

    Does your church ever plan to do streaming videos on its website, or even youtube, of its services or do they record them so that you can get them on dvd? The reason that I ask is because I would be interested in seeing what it is like.

  2. I will take this with me as I start the new term. the bible calls us to serve but no where in it does it say to be busy, we sometimes get the two mixed up, the result God's children suffer. We are already in Gods spot light it's time we started to shine His light on others.
    Sharon S

  3. David - we are looking into live streaming at the moment. Our media guy has also been recording the recent series I've been teaching - I'll try and get ya a copy if you like X

  4. That would be great Nichola. Thanks.