Friday, 7 August 2009

Had a really fantastic day yesterday with hubby and daughter - they really know how to loosen me up and help me to chill out! At the driving range I shot a 125!!!! By sheer fluke rather than any skill!!!

So while we were out, driving up the coast, soaking up the sights, I was thinking about church. I've been chatting to God about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and doing some inward assessing. Church growth and personal change must be intentional rather than leaving it to 'fluke'. You can't fluke good churches, you've got to build them. So I've been praying and planning how to build up our folk at church and how to reach out to our community more effectively.
While I was chatting, I realised that God hadn't got a word in edgeways...I shut up and listened...God said, "Yes that's great Nichola but can I show you something that hindering you?"
I would love to say I shouted "YES LORD SHOW ME!" but it took me a few moments while I prepared my heart..."Ok God, talk to me". God showed me how I was holding on to sentimentality. Now it took me a while to unpack this with God. Excessive or inappropriate emotion...where am I holding on to this? Ahhh, "the way things used to be" - that's where I'm holding sentimental images and ideas - "the good old days".
We have lost alot of folk from our church over the last few years (as most churches do) but without being aware of it, I was lingering after the days when we had a full leadership team, an administrator, a growing pastoral team...and now we're like a new baby church plant. We've got a great group of people who love God but it will take time to build up again. I'm so for it! And yet there was part of me comparing with how we used to do it.
"God I'm so sorry". God then said, "Let go of the relic and embrace the revelation of the NEW".

So that's where I'm at. John the Baptist's advice holds: take an axe and chop at the root of the problem first. That's sincerity, not sentiment. That's "get real," not mushy and gushy.

Time to cross over...


  1. You shot a 125. Tiger Woods, watch out. lol.

    How have you been? Well, I hope. I have noticed a few times where you have said that quite a few people have stopped going to your church. Do you mind me asking why?

  2. Good question and one I can't really answer - it started with some key leaders saying they were 'moving on' and then a lot of people followed them. I think if they were more open about their reasons it would make it easier but anyone who has left since has always said they were just 'moving on'. Sorry if that's not a clear answer but I don't even have a clear reason either - I think that's what hurt so much...but I've been in the church since I was 16 and wholeheartedly believe in the vision to reach out to my local area. I honour the pastor and love his heart for God and his knowledge of the Word, I'm committed to serving this group of people in this area because that's where God has called I'm in it for the long haul regardless. People come and go but the vision and reality of God stands firm. I made a covenant with God and I take that seriously. Hope that answers? X

  3. Have you been with the same church since you were 16?

    I couldn't agree more with you on your church reaching out to local areas. I think that is a problem with a lot of churches nowadays. They have their members, and it is like a bubble and they don't go outside that bubble. Instead they should be reaching out to their local areas with the gospel and with charity and love. You don't seem to see that much in the church in this day and age. The only churches that I have really seen that with in recent times are the JW's and the Mormons, which is a shame. I have had tracts from them saying that if you would like to get to know more about them or if you would like to understand the bible better that they would arrange to come to your house and have bible studies with you. Its a shame that the real churches aren't doing things like this instead of the JW's and Mormons. I personally think that it is a good idea for those who might be interested in finding out more. Its an idea that your church could maybe use.

  4. yes been in the same church since I was 16 - 19 years ago!!!
    I totally agree that the church should be involved with the community - we also talk to people in the parks, street corners etc and open our building for fun events.