Sunday, 30 August 2009

Oh it was just one of those mornings!!! I woke up with hair like Medusa, puffy eyes and a spot on my chin...I mean, come on! I'm 35, should my spot days not be long gone??!! So I had to get ready as I was preaching - had my outfit all picked out the night before but had to abandon it as there was no shaving gel left to shave my legs! Really you could french -plait the hairs they were so long! Every other item of clothing had a malfunction...a ripped shirt, a button off my trousers, a Tikka Masala stain that still stubbornly remained even after 50 stain devils...I think I need new clothes!!!
Ended up grabbing a favourite, old faithful shirt and trouser combo, shoved my hair into a sleek (not greasy!) ponytail and put a layer of cover-up on my chin - GOOD TO GO!

I then was approached after preaching by someone who wanted me to know how glamorous I looked...if they only knew!!!!


  1. hey i hate those mornings, were nothing goes right but Im sure you put the devil in his place as he was trying to still your joy... i bet you were still fab at preaching, as you are always are...

  2. I heard that you have been pretty ill lately with flu. I hope that you feel better soon. Take care.