Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sometimes you just need to look at things from a different perspective!

Chilling out

My daughter Emily keeping me on my toes!

The boys having fun!

My sister-in-law and I (also a Nicola but without the 'h')

The dog and I enjoying a stroll

I'm just back from a few days at Benone beach with David, Emily and my sister-in-law and my nephews - and of course the dog! It was so relaxing. I got up really early this morning (after conking out at 10pm!!! I know, everyone was disgusted with me!) and took the dog onto the beach. We were the only ones there - it was beautiful! As I stood and looked out at the sea, the words of an Iona song kept playing in my head - 'Beyond These Shores' was largely based on the story of St. Brendan's voyage. Brendan and a company of monks sailed from Ireland in a leather and wood boat in the sixth century to 'the promised land' which many believed to be America. The song was also inspired by Psalm 139.

"Beyond these shores
Into the darkness
Beyond these shores
This boat may sail
And if this is the way
Then there will be
A path across this sea

And if I sail beyond
The farthest ocean
Or lose myself in depths below
Wherever I may go
Your love surrounds me
For you have been before
Beyond these shores"

Such a comfort to me. As I stood alone on that beach, I knew the depth, height and width of an incredible love surrounded me - God Himself - He is love.

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  1. Love the picture of you and the other child in your life! You can see God written all over it Nic, enjoy His love it's who He is and He has you covered in it, ssx

    Sharon S