Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A Change is Gonna Come (Otis Redding)

Otis Redding - one of my favourite singers - has been playing around in my head today, "A Change is Gonna Come". Change has certainly already come for me...it's been an amazing time of restoration, healing, hope, vitality. It makes me wonder why I resisted for so long. I knew God was carefully drawing me unto Himself and for months I pulled a blanket over my head (spiritually and physically). Now I'm yielding to this amazing tornado of 'change' and it has taken my breath away! WHY, OH WHY did I not give in sooner????

So, why do we resist change?
*fear of commitment
*fear of revisiting failures
*it's too hard
*I'm quite comfortable where I am thank you very much
*people might place demands on our time
*some things might have to be thrown out
*some thing might have to be invested in
I could go on and on...you get the point.

So 'change' is here and while it's not as frightening as I thought it would be, it does bring it's challenges. I want to thrive in this season of change. So here's my rough guide to facing it...

*Embrace the change - yesterday's excellence is today's mediocrity. Don't get caught in the 'good ould days'. Ask yourself, "What am I doing now? Who am I now?" Take hold of the dream life God has given you.
*Realise that change is supposed to happen - make a conscious choice to seize the opportunities provided.
*Recognise change is an opportunity for personal growth - dependence on God. Struggle prepares us for better things, it's the trial of our faith that breeds competence.
*Think of change as the companion to progress - don't stagnate, determine to grow
*Stay positive about the change - "Attitude determines altitude."

Well folks that's where I'm at - what about you? I'd love you to share what ya think x


  1. Nichola thank you for writing this post today. I think you wrote it just for me because it sure did hit home especially at this time in my life.
    So happy I stopped by here and found this today.
    Thank you for your get well wishes I really appreciate them
    I wish when you have time you would do a story about yourself for my Blogazine post.
    Think it over and let me know

  2. Thanks Maggie! I'd be honoured to write a post for you - just let me know the details and I'm all yours xxx