Sunday, 9 May 2010

Love your body

Writing this post from my phone - technology is amazing! Well I've just watched an extremely emotional film - The Road - and I need a little time to settle before I go to bed. Today I went to my yoga class (no new age meditation, just very difficult stretches!) At one point the instructor had us turn to the mirror and look at ourselves. I watched as we all struggled to look at ourselves in the mirror. We looked at each other, the floor, the wall - anywhere and everywhere except the skin we're in. Very few women are at peace with their bodies. Infact most of us view them as the enemy. We attach more meaning to how we look than how we feel, so we don't listen to our bodies. We need to accept and enjoy them - not easy, but possible. The human body is nothing short of a miracle - and yet most of us hate parts of them with a vengeance.
So girls I'm trying to treat my body with kindness - I may not adore every single part of it, but I'm willing to treat it with compassion , look after it and live in it.

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  1. just a thought - when it says in the Bible about God being our 'rear guard' does that mean we never have to think "Does my bum look big in this?"