Saturday, 12 June 2010

You Are What You Speak

Sometimes I require speech therapy...I forget the power in my words and am careless about what I release...I forget my mouth is a loaded weapon.

In the beginning God created. There are 2 meanings to the word - 1. created out of nothing (Asaw) & 2. created out of some pre-existing material (Baraw) (like a pot from clay). God operated in number 1. He created out of nothingness. In the beginning, there was an emptiness, a void, the world was without form - there was nothing for God to work with and he created - what were his building materials? His words. Heb 11:3 - by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.

The word for ‘word’ in the Hebrew & Greek (dabar - OT & rhema - NT) is the same word for ‘thing’.

If we read the word - word, in Hebrew or in Greek, within the text it can be equally and accurately translated as word or thing. This is really important. The word - word and thing are exactly the same in the Hebrew and Greek. The only way you can know which interpretation is used within a verse, is by looking at the context of the verse in which the word is written. Sometimes we have to ask if there's a play on the words in a text - a connection between word & thing. If God created the worlds with his words - there's creative power in his words! It was by God's spoken word that all things were created - oceans, heavens, animals, man - they are a direct results of God's spoken words. When God spoke out - let there be light, how quickly do you think that happened? Instantly! He spoke the word light and the thing light came into being. Roms 4:17 - and he calleth those things that are not as though they were. As quick as he said the word, the thing was there. With God, words are things - there is no distinction between them - just like in the Heb &Gk. If God says lollypop - lollypop is. (He could not say “lollypop” without it coming into existence) It exists because the word and thing cannot be separated.

This is so important for us to understand because when God said - let us go down and make man in our image, he gave man the creative power of words! God wanted man working on the same plane as himself. He told Adam to name the animals - Adam creatively named them according to their character. The character of the animal is portrayed in the name. That same power of speech - that ability to create things by the power of a spoken word was given to us!! God chose to share this ability not with birds, dogs, but with man alone!
Is 55:11(Amp) - my word will never come back empty - it will always create, always produce, always prosper whoever I've sent it to.

Think of the words spoken to you by God - healed, prosperous etc - those words came from God and have not gone back to him empty, they are prospering whoever they were sent to!
Wow, good news but there's even better! Roms 10:8 - word of God is in our mouth! God's power to create worlds by words is in us! We use our words everyday and we don't really see the power in them or behind them enforcing them. Words have power!! The word that has the power to bring the thing into existence is in our mouth!
Chew on that thought...more to follow...


  1. Funny thing...before I saw that you had a new post I was just saying on Deb's wall post that you have a wonderful way with words. I stand by that a hundred fold especially after reading this one. Love you, girl! Keep those words coming! xoxo Deez

  2. roberta Holohan12 June 2010 at 19:34

    GREAT WORD Nichola...:)

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