Sunday, 1 August 2010

Back to life, back to reality

One of my favorite movies is an old Robert Duvall picture called Tender Mercies. Great story of an alcoholic country western star who hits rock bottom and gets his life back together. The central line of the theme song is, "The hardest thing...for me to face...Reality."
Which got me to thinking about T.S. Eliot's line, "Humankind cannot stand very much reality."
There are things about your own life you get a glimpse of - something in your thought life you'd better get a hold of, something in your family you'd better face, something about your health or your finances - and three days pass and it's gone.
The hardest thing, for us to face...Reality.
We just want life to be good. We avoid the disturbing or demanding parts of reality as a matter of daily practice.
I don't want to have to face up to the pain - if I'm honest, I desire a comfortable, easy life. This just ain't gonna happen. There are issues in my life that I have swept under the carpet...hoping they would just disappear. I'm having to reach under, take each item, blow off the dust and cob-webs and examine them in the cold light of day.
This is painful...but I'm trying to face reality.

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