Saturday, 8 October 2011

How Blogging Changed My World

I've always been a 'refector' - sometimes I over-analyse situations to the extreme (my greatest weakness!) However from an early age I kept a secret diary (I recently found one from when I was 14 years old - it was painful reading!) and so blogging seemed to be the more grown-up alternative. I started blogging to record my thoughts and feelings about my eating disorder and depression, my leadership role in church and how I handled my relationships with others.

I decided early on to be as transparent as possible in order to get the most from the process and so that others may be helped (a grand ambition, I know!) This blog has been like a best friend. When I struggled with eating, I blogged. When my marriage hit a storm and subsequent breakup, I blogged. When I struggled with my purpose and role in life, I blogged. When I celebrated my successes, you guessed it, I blogged! My blog has been my confidant - it never judged, it offered me a safe place to be 'me'. It truly has been a lifesaver in the darkest times of my life.

I never really considered blogging about my reflections as a teacher - I always kept a diary for that. Although I have some posts on lessons and the children in my class, I haven't yet got into the depth of retrospective that my diary recieves. I plan to change that, as my focus for this blog will now be about me as a teacher. You know, my primary teacher told my parents that I would never amount to anything because we were a low income family and my dad was disabled. I owe everything to my mum and dad who lead me to believe that anything was possible. I got my Honours Degree and I got the first teaching job I was interviewed for - I've been in that same school ever since (nearly 16 years!) I'm excited about this new direction for my blog. I've also started a class blog and my students love it!

I never, ever imagined anyone would read this blog. I've been so incredibly humbled by the comments and emails I have recieved. I have to say a big thank you to Matthew Ray for encouraging me to keep blogging and for making me feel like it matters - that I matter.

Happy to be part of the Rockstar Meme – How Blogging Changed Your World